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Salty Towers

The Crew



The good ship Salty has a new crew.


When Jamie Steel bought Salty Towers from Marjorie Richardson back in 1994, he was only the second innkeeper in the history of the inn. What he and Deb have built since then is nothing short of legendary, as a home away from home, a shelter from the storm for folks of all walks of life. Cheers to you both and long live Salty!

Now meet the new crew...

Jon and Beth
Dave and Carmel

Beth and Jon Weaver, along with partners Carmel Rioux and Dave Field, have officially taken the helm of Salty Towers! They feel the depth of this legacy and we are overjoyed to carry it on.

Beth is a proud Miramichier from Ferry Road, New Brunswick, known by many as manager of the Picaroons Tap Room in Fredericton and later as owner of Cravings on King Street. Beth’s heart of hospitality is legendary (Jon's word) and she can hardly wait to welcome you to Salty Towers.

Jon is widely known as one third of the beloved music group, Modabo, and as a founding member of the Downtown Blues Band among others. Jon performed at Paddlefest in the 1990’s, collaborated with Jamie as a booking agent in the 2000’s and now Jon will continue the tradition of music at Salty.

Carmel brings an extensive background in business/project management as well as a flair for interior decoration. She is eager to use her lifelong passion for food to help develop future menus for Salty.

Dave’s engineering, renovation and home inspection experience will be used to keep Salty shipshape and to implement future upgrades to the property.

For us this is at once a big adventure, a homecoming and a dream come true. Come visit, eat, play and revel in all that is Salty Towers!

Welcome Home.