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Creative Residencies


Salty Towers is a legendary accommodation facility with a musical pedigree like few other places. Its owners, artist manager Jamie Steel and Deb Farlow have hosted 100’s of musicians over the past 15 years. Many have had productive creative and career enhancing experiences within its walls. Why not spend some time here yourself.


Creative Residencies 
Come and immerse yourself in a situation that allows and encourages you to compose music, write lyrics, and plan shows.  Owen Steel, Lisa LeBlanc, Les Hay Babies, Hot Toddy and others have all written new music here.


Performance Possibilities
While in the area have the chance to play at a local club, gallery or house concert to help introduce you and your music to a new audience. We'll arrange it and promote it. It could offset the costs of your residency.


Mobile Recording Opportunities
Bring a sound engineer (or we’ll find one for you) and set up a portable studio in an environment that has been host to hundreds of musicians. A number of Award Winning Albums have been recorded here including Hot Toddy's "The Salty Sessions 1 & 2", Owen Steel et al and The Olympic Symphonium's "Chance To Fate"


Musical Collaborative Experiences
Bring some of your musician friends or work with host Jamie Steel to create collaborative opportunities between yourself and others. We have contacts with literally hundreds of artists from around the world.


Professional Development Options
Want to look at touring options, management and booking opportunities or music publishing and placement; how about developing appropriate expectations for your music career or take a master class or develop your songwriting.... we can help you make these arrangements or set up a whole program for you.


Think about spending some time with us. Let the CREATIVE JUICES flow! Let the MAGIC happen!


Salty Towers can provide a space to create, to record, to collaborate, a place to eat and sleep and a pace that suits your schedule.


Rent a room or the entire facility - by the day, weekend, week or longer. We can even provide you with all your meals so you can focus on what you’ve come to do.


We’ve had many stay and spend time here including Flamenco great Juan Martin, Harmonica wizard Mike Stevens, Bluegrass royalty Raymond McLean, iconic songwriter Fred Eaglesmith, innovator Harry Manx, Bluesmen Guy Davis & Ray Bonneville and International guitar greats Tony Cox and Andres Godoy.


Talk with some of those local musicians who have spent some time with us - Lisa Leblanc, Ross Nielsen, Les Hay Babies, Owen Steel, Joel LeBlanc, Thom Swift, Tom Easley (Hot Toddy), Jim Blewertt, Tim Isaac (Isaac & Blewett), Brent Mason, Kyle Cunjak, Graeme Walker, Dennis Goodwin and Nick Cobham (Olympic Symphonium), Ryan Leblanc, Old Man Luedecke, Matt Andersen, Catherine MacLellan ....



We sell the music that's been made here too as well as some from those musicians who have stayed here.  Check it out below.

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