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Salty Towers

Something a little different

Salty Towers is a unique inn located in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada. "Salty" (formerly the Seaside Inn) has been welcoming travelers, artists, musicians and others adventurous souls for over one hundred years!

It's something a little different from the ordinary. Life slows down a little here. It's simple and affordable, built on the basics: homey and welcoming with interesting folks, the chance for some incredible music and stories, an onshore breeze and relaxation... Some  people have described their stay here as "a memory for a lifetime" and we have earned a solid 5-star average rating on both Google and TripAdvisor.


Salty Towers is located in the historic seaside community of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, on Canada's east coast. The area has been a destination for literally thousands of years. It could be argued that Canada's permanent European settlement roots were established here by Samuel de Champlain and Sieur deMonts in 1604.

The Crew


Meet the Crew...those of us who live and work here, our family. It's quite likely you will meet us playing music on the porch or telling tall tales around the hearth.

Salty Towers has welcomed thousands of folks since 1921, many of whom keep coming back. Our regulars are like family and we would love for you to count our home as your home away from home!


St Andrews is one of the busiest small towns anywhere. Depending on the season, visitors to town can take in festivals of music, food and drink. Through the year you'll find opera and contemporary music, visual arts, sailing, kayaking and more.  Salty Towers has also hosted concerts on the porch and in the living room!

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